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Used Audi Model Reviews

Buying a used Audi in today's market place is a shrewd investment. Audi sales figures defy these challenging times and are growing faster than any other prestige marque. The only problem is which used Audi model to choose. They have a range of small hatches, mid to large saloons, SUVs and sports cars to tempt every used car buyer. Every Audi model is a market leader, not just in technology terms but in build quality and cutting edge styling across the entire range, this can make it difficult in choosing a your next used Audi.

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Audi A1

Absolutely the best made small city car available. Great city cars that are compact yet eschew all the traits of their bigger family members.

Audi A3

Audi say – ‘There are cars that say something about the good taste of their driver. Others emphasise that their driver is an enthusiast of state-of-the-art technology. The Audi A3 says more than this. It says it is fun to be on the move. And it gets that message across using very few words. Just its distinctive, self-confident face and its striking profile with the gently slopping roof line. These two things combine to give the A3 its dynamic presence.’

Audi A4

Audi say – ‘Unmistakably an Audi – with an unmistakable personality. Vigorous lines define the classic sedan silhouette. Discover the character of the Audi A4 Sedan’. We say, ‘this is probably the best looking mid sized prestige car in the market place.

Audi A5

Audi say – ‘The A5 Coupé marries together the Audi design language with a high degree of sportiness, supreme ride comfort and handling and the quality typical of the brand. Its powerful engines, dynamic suspension and equipment features from the luxury class sector make the A5 a highly desirable coupé’. We say, ‘is there a better looking coupe anywhere?’

Audi A6

Audi say - ‘From the very first glimpse the Audi A6 makes its character clear. Its lines are striking, its appearance dynamic. The design of the A6 opens up new horizons – and defines a new type of sportiness’. We say, ‘the A6 has a timeless elegance about it. In 10 years time, it will still look as good as it does today’.

Audi A8

The Audi A8 limousine is above luxury. No other words can describe it.

Audi Q3

Awesome lifestyle vehicle.

Audi Q5

There is no better mid sized SUV today.

Audi Q7

In comparison to most large SUVs on the market, the Q7 looks and behaves like a vehicle much smaller than its dimensions would have you believe. It is the benchmark of the large SUV market.

Audi TT

Incredibly beautiful from every angle. This Audi model has become a cult hero.

Audi R8

The best sports car in the world? Probably.

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