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Football, Meat Pies, Kangaroos and Holden Cars

It might have been a rip off commercial from Chevrolet in the United States in the 1970’s, but we made it our own in Australia. It connected with our hearts, in a way that few car commercials had done previously. It connected roughly half the country to The Lion - Holden. But the love affair had started back in my grandfather’s generation - the 1940’s when they celebrated the birth of our very own car - produced right here in Australia. Of course the other half of the country warmed to a different brand - the enemy from Ford. The rivalry was well and truly on. Both car companies have now stopped making cars here, and for my favourite - Holden - the brand will shortly disappear with the manufacturing. I’m sorry to hear of the demise of Holden. As a typical middle class boy, I grew up watching the great race from start to finish cheering for Peter Brock, Alan Grice, Colin Bond and co take on the likes of Alan Moffat, Bob Morris and Dick Johnson in their Fords - which we lividly hated. That hasn’t changed and I still barrack for Whincup and Co - hoping they smash the Mustangs. My Dad always had Holdens so that is who we supported. I’ll never forget the day Dad came home in his new metallic Kingswood. I was in love with a car and it felt like Christmas and more for a young kid like me. Later, he owned Commodores and a series of beautifully appointed Statesmans. Every four or five years, he would update and we couldn’t wait. They were the good old days and they will be sorely missed.   The sad fact is though, Holden had not moved with the times. They literally stayed in the good old days for too long - making and importing cars that were simply not what the public wanted in Australia. It was probably inevitable that this would happen and I wonder if another manufacturer or three will follow as we move towards the next generation of electrified mobility. Watch this space I guess. I doubt Holden will be the last.