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Buying A Used Mercedes

If you are thinking of buying a brand new car, many of us would rule out and perhaps not even consider buying a Mercedes. Let’s face it, Mercedes is one of the most prestigious and luxurious cars in the world and if you are looking for a new car, Mercedes are just too expensive for many people to afford. For that reason alone, it hurts to concede that you might never get your hands on a new Mercedes, but don't give up hope just yet as buying a used Mercedes might just be the way forward and a very realistic alternative to buying another new car brand. There are many savvy buyers out there that would rather buy a good used Mercedes than any brand new Toyota, Ford or Mitsubishi etc.

Buying a used Mercedes for many might just be as appealing as buying a new one. The price saving is obviously a huge factor. You get an awful lot of used Mercedes for very few dollars these days.

Just look at the cars on our stock page. Another urban myth that we often hear is that Mercedes are expensive to service. Well, let me dispel that one very quickly. Mercedes have one of the longest service intervals in the automotive industry. Low kilometer cars can often go more than two years between services. Your average Japanese car will have had four services to most Mercedes one. As long as you avoid taking your car to a factory Mercedes dealer, you should pay a similar price for servicing a used Mercedes as any other car. Let’s face it, oil is oil, whether it is in a Toyota Camry or in a Mercedes E280. Filters are filters, brake pads are brake pads and so on. Our local mechanics charge the same price for a basic oil service in a Mercedes as they do in a Holden Commodore.

Obviously you want to make sure that you are buying a car without major problems and major maintenance around the corner. That is why we only sell Mercedes with full service histories and have each car thoroughly inspected by IVI (Independent Vehicle Inspections). We also pay for a Vehicle History Check that reports on odometer discrepancies, written off status, stolen status, financial encumbrences and insurance claims. You can buy your used Mercedes with confidence know that there are no nasties hidden in the closet.

Have we won you over yet? The bottom line is that you are still buying a Mercedes and regardless of the model you purchase, you will be getting the same amount of refinement, style, luxury, class and safety that new Mercedes buyers are getting. Its quite a simple choice really.

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